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The Jumping Beans
The Band

Robin - Fiddle, Guitar and Vocals

Multi-instrumentalist, Robin Gillan (Fiddle, Guitar, Banjo, Mouth Organ, squeeze box and Singer), has been playing on the London folk club and session scene for many years, recording alongside Old-Time virtuoso Kate Lissauer and the legendary Tom Paley of the New Lost City Ramblers. He has won numerous Fiddle and Banjo competitions, and in 2007 he was voted 'Folk Idol Dec 2007' - a title which he attempts to deny. More recently he has played at Cecil Sharp House as part of Folk Rising, which showcases exceptionally talented artists from across the country, in association with the award winning Magpie Folk Club. He is co-founder and M.C. of the weekly Portland Folk Club in Cambridge, where he has used his vast knowledge and open attitude to folk music to create a vibrant scene incorporating everything from interpretations of ancient Irish music by a classically trained cellist to an acapella performance of a Rod Stewart classic.

"We saw Robin Gillan at the Goose Is Out earlier in the year and sat enthralled with increasingly wide eyes as he effortlessly moved from American to English material by way of Guitar, Fiddle, 5 String Banjo, squeeze box, Mandolin and Mouth Organ, all the time managing to sound entirely "authentic" (whatever that means) and entirely like himself." - Kit and Cutter Folk Club
Sylvie - Whistles and Piano

Sylvie was born in Manchester to a family of musicians. She started playing Piano by ear aged 4, and subsequently took lessons with RNCM (Royal Northern College of Music) teacher, Peter Lawson. She began her musical career by accompanying her parents and their pupils, and started teaching her own pupils as a teenager. More recently she has studied and performed at the Music Conservatoire "F. Vittadini" in Pavia, Italy. She began playing Tin Whistle following a particularly lively ceilidh in 1997, and developed her playing and (vast) tune repertoire in the vibrant Manchester Irish sessions. She moved to Cambridge to study at the University, and became immersed in the local traditional music scene, developing musical collaborations with many other players through session playing, out of which developed The Jumping Beans.

"Sylvie is loads of hassle but mostly worth it, and I should know." - Pete
Pete - Bodhran (Irish drum)

Pete decided to play the Bodhran so that he would have an excuse not to dance at ceilidhs. He learned at Cambridge Comhaltas (the Irish music teaching organisation) and has attended workshops by John-Joe Kelly (his personal folk idol). He is a regular member of virtually every session in Cambridge and is co-founder of the Portland Folk Club. Although the Bodhran is traditional to Irish music, Pete has also played in local psychedelic folk band Allotment and Old-Time groups. Apart from music, he enjoys cooking and cycling, though not at the same time.
Additional Musicians

Jon Ward - Bazouki/Guitar
James MacNamara - Fiddle
Jacob Steel - Caller